Event Date: 12 Sep 2015 | Source: NRN - USA

Dear Valued Member,

Welcome and warm Invitation

Dear Member

Thank you for becoming a valued member of NRN NCC of USA,

Your prestigious membership will definitely take NRN NCC of USA in next level. We want your continuous support and coordination to build NRN NCC of USA as a common forum for all Nepalese-American residing in USA.

On this occasion, it is my honor and privilege to invite you to participate in a Forth Special General Meeting of the NRNA NCC of USA, scheduled on September 12th  2015 at 143-09 Holly avenue Flushing Greater  New York area. As you may know that NRNA NCC of USA is growing day by day and recently it became successful to attract more than 10 thousands members, a largest numbers of NRN in a single country in its history.

As you all know that the, upcoming Forth Special  General Meeting is going to be historic in several aspects and your presence would make it more valuable. We are confident that we will have an opportunity to welcome you and display our hospitality in the New York city .

We highly appreciate your response in this regard. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address:

  We look forward to your presence in the meeting.

Thank You


Krishna Pokhrel

Convener Of 4th Special General Meeting of NRN NCC of USA


Senior Vice President


Tel: 917 574 0809